Used Elliptical Trainers – A Great Way To Save Money

Elliptical machines are very popular among the home exercise crowd. Ellipticals can get a bit expensive in the short term picture, though. Purchasing used elliptical trainers can be a good way to own one while still saving money.

Different Methods – Different results

There are two basic ways to purchase a used elliptical trainer. You can buy an elliptical through a local garage sale or the classified ads. The other way to purchase a used elliptical machine is to buy refurbished, remanufactured, or reconditioned equipment.

Reconditioned elliptical trainers are taken apart and the pieces are examined one by one. In most cases, the parts are examined for wear, and all of the major systems are replaced. The overall machine is cleaned. It is also usually painted and polished. It is then sold to the customer. It is sometimes offered with a small warranty from the company that reconditioned it.

Refurbished elliptical equipment usually has the broken parts replaced and a new paint job. Most of these are not offered with any type of warranty.

Factory refurbished elliptical equipment has been taken back to the company that made it. The trainer has been completely taken apart and examined on a part-by-part basis. The elliptical is cleaned and necessary parts are replaced. The manufacturer then reissues the elliptical equipment with a new warranty in place.

Remanufactured elliptical equipment has been completely taken apart. The trainer has been sand blasted and repainted. Broken or worn parts are replaced on the elliptical. Most of these ellipticals only come with ninety day warranties.

The definitions to these terms, though, are not set in stone. They vary from elliptical company to elliptical company. You can inquire about the exact definition your trainer company is using when you make your elliptical purchase.

The Best Used Elliptical Deal – Benefits and Drawbacks

The best way to buy used ellipticals is debatable. The benefits and drawbacks of any used elliptical are numerous.

If you buy elliptical equipment from a classified advertisement or at a garage sale, there are several serious drawbacks. First, you have little, if any, idea how the elliptical was treated during its lifespan. If someone used the elliptical on an extensive basis, you might be spending money on a trainer that will wear out in a short period of time. Moreover, you do not know if the previous owner engaged in proper elliptical equipment maintenance.

Another drawback to purchasing elliptical equipment this way is the elliptical will come completely without a warranty. Whatever you end up spending on the elliptical machine could be wasted money.

One other drawback to purchasing an elliptical in this manner is that it probably looks used. The trainer may be scratched or dented. If you care about your elliptical's look, you probably do not want to buy a used elliptical in this manner.

If you purchase a used elliptical machine that has been refurbished, remanufactured, or reconditioned, you are probably getting a better deal, but there are still some drawbacks. The elliptical warranty, if it comes one, is not as extensive as it might have been if you purchased the equipment new. It probably does not cover all of the aspects it might have covered of elliptical maintenance, and it certainly won't be as long as it might have been if you had purchased the elliptical new.

The major benefit of buying used (any type of used), though, is the money you can save on a trainer. You don't have to worry about spending a lot on an elliptical that you don't like or won't use. You won't be spending more than a few hundred dollars on a used elliptical.

The best deal is offered from factory refurbished ellipticals. These ellipticals are usually too new to have any serious problems, and they almost always come with great warranties. However, you can also catch a great deal on used ellipticals from a neighbor you know.

Whatever choice you make, the following used elliptical buying tips might be useful. If you choose to use an elliptical company that resells equipment, check the inventory before you purchase. Because of the availability of this type of elliptical, you could be on a waiting list for months for the model you want. You might also want to chat with the representative from elliptical companies to determine the equipment's life expectancy. No matter where you purchase the elliptical, be sure to consult a buyers guide to figure out what you should be looking for in an elliptical.


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