Proform Exercise Equipment – The Right Stuff, The Right Company

Proform Exercise Equipment, including their ellipticals, is known to many who workout on a regular basis. What you may not know, though, is the interesting company behind that equipment.

Current Company Ownership – A Sordid Tale

Proform is currently owned by Icon Health and Fitness. The Proform story, though starts in nineteen seventy seven when two business majors at Utah State, Gary Stevenson and Scott Watterson, founded a company called Weslo, Inc. to cover the costs of their education. They started by importing various items including marble products from countries like China. As the fitness craze began to take hold in America, though, they began importing and selling trampolines.

With the sales of these trampolines, they began to study the basis of the fitness craze. They took steps in the nineteen eighties to expand their fitness line in order to profit from the market craze. The product line quickly expanded to include cross trainers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, and home gyms. They chose to sell these products under the name Proform Fitness. Proform was the first on the market with a space saving treadmill. It had a deck that folded upright for storage. While most treadmills now come standard with that design, Proform was the first to create it.

In nineteen eighty eight, Proform merged with Weider Health and Fitness, creating a health company giant. Since the merger, Proform has continued to expand their line of equipment. Their elliptical cross trainer now tops the market as one of the best available.

In 2005, the company did almost nine hundred million dollars in sales. They have a little over three thousand employees, and that number increases by about thirty percent each year as the company grows. The chairman and CEO is David J. Watterson.


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