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Precor Incorporated is a worldwide company whose mission is to be the standard of excellence in the fitness industry. In 1980, company founder Dan Woods hired an industrial designer to make some adjustments to a European rowing machine. The product was a success, and Precor was born.

Continual adjustments followed, and in 1984, Precor was purchased by Dart and Kraft Incorporated, which was eventually reorganized into Premark International. In 1999, Precor was sold to Illinois Tool Works, a multinational corporation. They now make fitness equipment for both the home and commercial markets.

Their headquarters is in Woodinville, Washington. Company president Paul J. Byrne manages to ensure that they remain an industry leader in everything they do.

How Do They Keep It Up?

Precor believes the heart of their continual innovation lies in their company strategy. The corporation starts by hiring people who only consider things outside of the obvious who have a dedication to fitness and to customer service.

They then allow those company employees to work in an environment where they can come up with new and different projects. Finally, Precor employs a strategy of openness to outside ideas, which is how they acquired their popular elliptical cross trainer.

Besides elliptical trainers, Precor's other current products are varied. They make home and commercial versions of treadmills, stationary bikes, stair climbers, stretch training systems, and strength training systems.

An Innovative Company

Over the course of Precor's history, they introduced a number of innovations to the industry. One innovation was integrated foot technology. This helped trainers to replicate the speed and style of natural walking.

Another category of innovation were the EFX cross trainers. The elliptical was born when a General Motors Engineer designed a rudimentary elliptical to help his daughter train for her high school track team. Precor snatched the idea up as soon as it was presented to them, and after some tweaking, the Precor elliptical trainers, named the EFX, were born.

Just two years after it was introduced to the commercial market, the trainer won the Consumer Digest Magazine Best Buy Award and the Product of the Year Award from Fitness Magazine.

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