Life Fitness Commercial Ellipticals – Gym Equipment Built To Last

The Life Fitness exercise company is a division of the Brunswick Corporation. They create, make, and sell a number of different types of Life Fitness exercise equipment for both home and commercial use. The Life Fitness commercial ellipticals are an excellent elliptical choice.

Commercial Elliptical Models – Giving Your Gym A Taste Of Life

The Life Fitness commercial ellipticals, starting with the 95XE, has a wireless digital heart rate monitor. This commercial model has a twenty inch stride length, and thirty preprogrammed workouts. Elliptical users can choose the display console to feature over thirteen different languages. The LCD console shows elapsed time, total calories burned, calories burned per hour, watts, METs, resistance level, speed, distance, and workout profile. There are rear wheels attached to this elliptical for easy mobility, and this commercial machine has twenty six possible resistance levels for all types of elliptical users from the most novice exerciser to a seasoned gym attender like a tri-athlete.

The Life Fitness 95Xi commercial elliptical can hold a maximum user weight of three hundred and fifty pounds. This elliptical is self-powered, and it comes standard with an auto-start feature. When your customer starts pedaling, the elliptical console lights up. This Life Fitness commercial model has non-slip pedals and stationary handlebars for added security. There are nine language choices for the display with this elliptical.

The Life Fitness 93X commercial elliptical has a twenty inch stride length and nineteen possible workouts. This elliptical is self-powered, and users can select from one of nine languages to view the elliptical display information. This commercial model also has an integrated reading rack and accessory tray.

The Life Fitness 91X commercial elliptical has an eighteen inch stride length. This Life Fitness offers six possible workouts and digital heart rate monitoring. Elliptical users can select one of four language choices for the console information. This commercial model has twenty-five possible resistance levels.

The Life Fitness 90X commercial elliptical has a twenty inch stride length and six workouts. Elliptical users can select one of nine languages for the console, and it, too, has twenty-five possible resistance levels. This elliptical is available with an attachable LCD entertainment system.

Each of these commercial elliptical models can be ordered online and shipped to your facility in a reasonably short amount of time. With their club rated durability they're sure to pay for themselves many times over with satisfied customers and long lasting equipment.

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