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The Life Fitness exercise company is a division of the Brunswick Corporation, which did more than 5.2 billion dollars in business last year. They create, make, and sell a number of different types of Life Fitness exercise equipment for both home and commercial use. They currently employ more than 1,700 people. They have twelve different manufacturing facilities. Peter Hamilton is the current company president.

The History of Life Fitness

The company began in 1968 when Ray Wilson and Augie Nieto bought the rights to market Dr. Keene P. Dimick's stationary bike. They believed stationary bikes could change the way people lived. As the company continued to grow, it helped to start the fitness craze of the late seventies and early nineteen eighties.

During that fitness craze, Life Fitness introduced both their rowing machine and their stair climber to the exercise equipment product market. As the nation's concern with health and weight loss continued to grow into the nineteen nineties, they introduced treadmills and Life Fitness elliptical machines to the market. The elliptical became the number one selling item in commercial facilities. It was during this decade that the Brunswick corporation purchased Life Fitness.

Brand Names

There are a number of brand names offered by Life Fitness besides the Life Fitness name. The Life Fitness commercial brand offers treadmills, stair climbers, stationary bikes, and elliptical cross training machines. They also make a number of different strength training machines. Hammer Strength makes durable strength training exercise equipment lines including plate loaded, motion technology selectorized, heavy duty racks, and benches and racks. Parabody makes home gym equipment, free weight stations, and specialized workout stations.

No matter which Life Fitness brand you choose, their machines are built to last. Review indicate a high customer satisfaction rating with their ellipticals both on the average consumer market and on the market for cross training athletes like tri-athletes.

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