Elliptical Trainers Glossary Of Terms

Adjustable Incline – The ability to change the intensity of your workout.

Commercial Quality – Commercial ellipticals are designed for use in commercial facilities like fitness centers. Some home versions claim to have commercial quality which means they are designed to be durable and long lasting.

Crank Arm – Portion of an elliptical that helps footpads to rotate.

Drive System – The mechanism that controls the movement of the elliptical.

Drive wheel – The wheel that provides the power for the elliptical.

Eddy Current Break System – A resistance system, available on Precor machines, that helps to control the level of your workout intensity.

Elliptical Technology – The different devices that change the feel of the elliptical workout from company to company.

Ergonomic – Designed for the body to attain correct posture during the course of the workout.

Footpads – Cushioned surface where you feet rest during the workout.

iFit – The ability of some ellipticals to receive preprogrammed workouts and music from an internet connection or purchased cd.

LCD Display – Panel that lets you know your heart rate, speed, calories burned, program running, and other information.

Low Impact – An exercise session in which minimal stress is placed on your joints.

Programs – The ability of the machine to control the speed of your workout via a computerized setting.

Reconditioned – Process by which broken parts on used elliptical are replaced, machine is cleaned and resold.

Remanufactured – Process by which all parts are examined carefully, broken or worn ones are replaced, and used elliptical is cleaned and resold.

Resistance System – The mechanism that controls the difficulty level of the workout.

Stride Length – The measure of each movement of the footpads.

Upper Body Motion Attachment – The optional part of an elliptical that allows you to work your arms and shoulders as you work your lower body.

Warranty – Length of time manufacturer guarantees elliptical.

Weight Bearing Workout – An exercise session in which your joints support at least the weight of your body. The most successful type of workout.

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