Elliptical Trainer Companies – Many Great Names

The popularity of elliptical trainers has led to a growth explosion in the world of elliptical trainer companies. The number of companies manufacturing elliptical trainers has better than doubled in the fifteen years since the first elliptical trainers came on the scene. Most companies make both home and commercial elliptical equipment, but there are a few who focus solely on one or the other.

Precor has been making exercise equipment since their first rowing machine in the 1980s. This elliptical company offers more innovations and have gotten more awards than any other company making ellipticals.  Learn more about Precor Incorporated.

Proform Exercise Equipment, including their ellipticals, is known to many who workout on a regular basis. What you may not know, though, is the interesting company behind that equipment.  Learn more about Proform.

Nordic Track manufactures and handles the sale of ellipticals. Their target market is home users, and the company has continued to expand their line of ellipticals over the past several years. Learn more about NordicTrack.

Schwinn is another great company that makes ellipticals. Schwinn is owned by Nautilus, Incorporated. Their ellipticals mimic the natural motion of your feet better than any other ellipticals on the market today. Learn more about Schwinn Fitness.

Horizon Fitness offers commercial quality exercise equipment for the home. Their trainers have better warranties than any others on the market. Moreover, their ellipticals come with better preprogrammed features than most. They are a growing company with a serious dedication to customers. Learn more about Horizon Fitness.

Vision Fitness Equipment won the 2005 Best Of Award from Health magazine. They make both home and commercial products including stationary bikes, treadmills, strength training equipment, and ellipticals. Learn more about Vision Fitness.

The Life Fitness exercise company is a division of the Brunswick Corporation. They create, make, and sell a number of different types of Life Fitness exercise equipment for both home and commercial use. Learn more about Life Fitness Company.

Reebok Fitness Equipment began in 1890 when Joseph William Foster began making running shoes with spikes in them. His company, J.W. Foster and Sons sold shoes to some of the most distinguished athletes of the time. Learn more about Reebok Fitness.

Octane Fitness is dedicated solely to elliptical machines. They were founded in 2001, and the company leaders bring more than fifty years of combined fitness experience to the table each day. They are based in Minnesota and make both home and commercial ellipticals. Their innovations include Body Mapping Ergonomics, QuadLink Technology, HeartLogic Intelligence, and X-Mode Interactive Trainer. Learn more about Octane Fitness.

IronMan exercise equipment is among the best available. IronMan fitness gear is a division of Keys Fitness. They make treadmills, bikes, elliptical machines, and strength training products. Learn more about IronMan Fitness.

Smooth Fitness exercise equipment is among the best available. Smooth Fitness is the top seller and manufacturer of exercise equipment on the internet. The Smooth Fitness company started in 1984 with specialty fitness stores in Philadelphia. As the internet boom exploded, Smooth began the e-commerce marketing of exercise machines. Learn more about Smooth Fitness.

Eclipse exercise equipment is manufactured by Fitness Quest, Inc. In addition to the Eclipse elliptical trainers, they also make Tony Little’s Gazelle, and New Balance fitness equipment. Learn more about Eclipse Fitness.

Star Trac fitness equipment is among the best in the business. Star Trac is an international leader in the sale of commercial equipment. They introduced their first commercial treadmill in 1974, and since that time, they have been making user-centered exercise equipment to meet all possible needs, from the most novice exerciser to tri-athletes. Learn more about Star Trac Fitness.

Weslo fitness equipment is among the best in the market today. Weslo is made by Icon Health and Fitness, who also make Reebok fitness products, Nordic Track, and Proform equipment. Learn more about Weslo Fitness Equipment.

Nautilus Incorporated makes brands like Schwinn Fitness, Bowflex, Stairmaster, and Trimline. They are a leading marketer, developer, and manufacturer of all types of fitness equipment including both home and commercial models. They have over thirty years of equipment experience. Learn more about Nautilus Fitness Company.

Fitness Quest Incorporated makes a number of different fitness products. In addition to the Eclipse elliptical, they also make Tony Little’s Freestyle elliptical gliders, and New Balance fitness equipment. They are well known in the industry because they provide a quality product at an affordable price. Learn more about Fitness Quest Incorporated.

New Balance Fitness Equipment is made by Fitness Quest. Fitness Quest Incorporated makes a number of different fitness products. In addition to the New Balance ellipticals, they also make the Eclipse elliptical, and Tony Little’s Gazelle. Learn more about New Balance Fitness.

The Kettler company is a German based operation that has been in business for over fifty years. They offer excellent fitness equipment including home trainers, cross country trainers, treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes and rowing machines. All of their products build both muscle and stamina. Learn more about Kettler Company.

Thane International Incorporated is one of the top direct response and retail marketers on a global basis. They have been in business for over ten years, and they market things like health and beauty aids, entertainment products, kitchen utensils and aids, pet care products, and self-improvement aids. They market products in over eighty countries. Learn more about Thane International.

Purchasing any of a trainer from any of these companies online will make you very happy. They all make a quality product you can count on


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