Nordictrack CX Ellipticals - Providing You With Fun Customizable Workouts

Nordictrack CX ellipticals are among the best on the market. Nordic Track both manufactures and handles the sale of ellipticals. Their elliptical models can help to get you in shape for whatever adventurous path you choose whether it be as extreme as rock climbing or as simple as weight loss.

Their current product line features four Nordictrack CX elliptical designs to help your with your cross training goals. The CX 1055 elliptical machine helps your workout to act like you are going for a short walk or a jog. It features one of the smoothest rides in the industry. It also has a few programs to help you fight your typical workout boredom with a stationary machine. The CX 938 model also has some program, but it features one step control. That means that you can better guide your workout than with the other models available. The CX 985 is a bit expensive, but it has a special heart rate monitoring system that can be helpful when you are trying to spice up your workouts. The CX 998 has a number of great features to help you keep up the motivation to workout. You can adjust its power incline ramp with the touch of a button, and there is a fan on the console to keep you cool.

Design It - Your Own Programs

All of the Nordictrack CX models come with the ability to program a few of your own workouts. This means you get to decide when and how to change resistance and incline in your elliptical to change your pulse and heart rate. Maybe you want to design a mountain program where you climb for a bit and rest a bit on your elliptical. Maybe you want to design a program on your elliptical to fit a tri-athlete. Whatever you design, be sure if fits you, and be sure you're having fun with it. Who wants a boring elliptical workout?

You can purchase Nordictrack ellipticals from their website, where they sometimes offer sale deals including free shipping, or at specialty fitness stores.

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