Horizon Fitness Ellipticals - Good Equipment For Small Places

Horizon fitness ellipticals are a great choice if you only have a small space for your home gym. Horizon Fitness equipment is commercial quality exercise equipment for the home. According to reviews, they are highly dedicated to their customers, and they offer one of the industry's strongest warranties. The current line of Horizon fitness ellipticals features three models.

Current Models - Make Your Choice Wisely

There are several current Horizon ellipticals to choose from. The EX 44 Horizon, the EX33 elliptical, and the Horizon EX 22 elliptical. Each of these models is a compact machine. Horizons are specifically designed to fit both your home and your exercise needs. One of the most common problems with exercise equipment is that you have to find a place in your home to put it. Horizon models are different. Most models are only twenty-six inches in width, so you should have no problem avoiding the inevitable scenario where you trip over your equipment. More than that, though, Horizon has worked hard to ensure their models are very quiet. That means you can workout even when members of your household are sleeping, which can be a real plus when you are dealing with a home gym, but very little space.

Most reviewers, though, do indicate one problem with the Horizon elliptical models. If you are used to using one in a gym Horizons come standard with a space-saving front flywheel design. While this is just as good as other brands, it can take some getting used to if you are accustomed to other elliptical models.

Buy your favorite Horizon model online today after you take a quick tour of the website.

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