Fit-Quik Cardio Key - A Workout Program For You

Fit-Quik Cardio Key is an excellent exercise program designed for use on SCIFIT machines. This unique training program takes exercise to an entirely new level and has hundreds of interested patrons across the country. The program begins when an interested club works with SCIFIT to implement this group exercise session into their environment.

Designed for You - A Fit-Quik Workout

Fit-Quik is a group program. Class members have to sign up before the program works, and they must agree to meet for the ten session semester at the gym. There are never more than six participants in any one class. An instructor and the biofeedback monitors on the machines help participants monitor their progress. Participants get feedback on a number of levels: from the machine, from other participants, and from the instructor. Each session lasts only thirty minutes, and begins the same way each week. Participants put a heart monitor on and begin warm-ups. They spend eight minutes on four separate pieces of equipment, and three minutes with three separate pieces of equipment. This seems to combat workout boredom among the participants.

Benefits - Not Just For The Participant

Participants get the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and an exercise program they enjoy. Club owners, though, get more benefits than they could ever imagine from Fit-Quik. The program itself takes up very little space, no more than 250 square feet. It meets the needs of lots of different types of club members, both those who do and those who do not enjoy exercise. Moreover, it manages to zero-in on the half of club members who do not participate in any other type of club program. This can mean improved profitability for the club as a whole.

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