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  • Commercial Ellipticals - Using SCIFIT Technology
    In 1993, SCIFIT entered the line of commercial ellipticals. SCIFIT is owned by Sinties, which was formed in 1987 as a home and commercial medical company. They sold fitness and rehab products to people with disabilities. The company considers themselves to be "Scientific Solutions For Fitness." Their mission is to provide a commercial elliptical for a wide range of people, not just the traditional exerciser.
  • Commercial Elliptical Trainers - Club Fueled Octane
    Octane Fitness is dedicated to high performance residential and commercial elliptical trainers. Entering the fitness industry in 2001, and the company leaders bring an extensive fitness background and more than fifty years of combined experience. The Octane Fitness commercial elliptical trainer line currently features the Pro35 high performance elliptical.
  • Efficient Elliptical Trainers - Helping You With Your Weight Loss Goals
    Efficient elliptical trainers
    can guide you to your weight loss goals with minimal impact. If you are new to the world of of an efficient elliptical trainer, ellipticals are an excellent way to experience a great workout in a low impact environment. Throughout the course of working out with an elliptical trainer, your feet will stay on the padded, rubberized surface of the elliptical footpads, which means you will never experience any joint impact as you might with traditional exercise machines like treadmills.
  • Elliptical Fitness Equipment - You Can Battle Depression With Exercise
    One great way to get the exercise you need is through elliptical fitness equipment. Exercise has a number of benefits for the body. One of the most important benefits exercise can provide you with, though, is a weapon in the fight against depression.
  • High-Tech Commercial Ellipticals - More Technology Than Ever Possible
    High-tech commercial ellipticals are used in gyms everywhere. Now Precor makes a commercial elliptical trainer monitoring program that is some of the best club software on the market. Many clubs and gyms use it on a regular basis. Because one of the primary problems in clubs is monitoring the equipment, like elliptical trainer models, many clubs now, thanks to Precor, are able to monitor their elliptical equipment through software called InSite.
  • Life Fitness Ellipticals - A Trusted Brand
    Life Fitness ellipticals are manufactured by the Life Fitness company. The Life Fitness exercise company is a division of the Brunswick Corporation. The company began in 1968. They create, make, and sell a number of different types of Life Fitness exercise equipment for both home and commercial use.
  • Precor Ellipticals - Offering Low Impact, High Energy Workouts
    Precor ellipticals
    are gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. Elliptical means to be shaped like an oval. Elliptical trainers make use of this term because the movement you will experience on one is an oval shaped version of walking or running. The movement is both smooth and fun.



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