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Life Fitness ellipticals are manufactured by the Life Fitness company. The Life Fitness exercise company is a division of the Brunswick Corporation. The company began in 1968. They create, make, and sell a number of different types of Life Fitness exercise equipment for both home and commercial use.

They have a fabulous elliptical warranty, which means that no matter what product you buy, you can trust a company like Life Fitness.

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Life Fitness elliptical machines offer a number of different model choices. No matter which model you choose, though, you can be assured that you will get a quality workout. You may know a number of different people who own Life Fitness equipment. There are some pretty good reasons for this. First, you feel the burn in all the right areas. This means that if you've been sitting around for a few years without an exercise program, you could be burning those calories and toning those muscles in no time at all.

Moreover, the stride of every single Life Fitness model is one of the smoothest on the market. You simply cannot beat it with another brand of elliptical trainers. Customers continually rave about the stride, sometimes even suggesting it is better than the machine they used at the gym. The handlebars can help you to burn more calories than you really thought possible with an elliptical because they help get your heart rate up. Most people say they no longer want to take a few days off of their workout after using a Life Fitness machine.

The retail costs with these machines can be rather expensive, but more often than not, customers indicate they would pay that price several times over before purchasing another elliptical brand.

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