High-Tech Commercial Ellipticals - More Technology Than Ever Possible

High-tech commercial ellipticals are used in gyms everywhere. Now Precor makes a commercial elliptical trainer monitoring program that is some of the best club software on the market. Many clubs and gyms use it on a regular basis. Because one of the primary problems in clubs is monitoring the equipment, like elliptical trainer models, many clubs now, thanks to Precor, are able to monitor their elliptical equipment through software called InSite.

InSite - An Insight Into Problems

The Precor Insite program, a service to clubs and gyms, helps them run their business more effectively. This wireless software does a number of things.

First, it can help to track elliptical machine usage. If the owner of a fitness center wants to know how many people used the Precor elliptical equipment today, he can find out. He can find out how many people used each piece elliptical in the fitness center in the last six months. He can find out any type of commercial fitness usage data he needs to run his fitness business better with InSite.

The second advantage of this program is that it automatically alerts the fitness club and appropriate fitness service personnel if a problem with a particular fitness machine is occurring. Before InSite, it could take days to realize a single piece an elliptical was down. With the software, sometimes the fitness repair people are there before commercial fitness club owners even know what is happening.

The final advantage of InSite is that it can be used by multi-location commercial organizations. If the president of a chain of commercial fitness centers needs information on ellipticals, he can get it in a real time fashion. This allows complete and total commercial management on a larger scale than most commercial fitness club owners ever thought possible.

While the essence of this commercial elliptical technology is under wraps by Precor, commercial club owners can find more information about commercial Precor equipment, including Insite and elliptical models at many websites, including this one.

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