Precor Fitness Equipment - Constantly Improving

Precor fitness equipment is some of the best on the market. Many clubs and gyms use it on a regular basis. One of the primary problems in clubs, though, is monitoring the equipment, like elliptical trainer models, for problems. Many clubs now, thanks to Precor, are able to monitor their fitness equipment through software called InSite.

InSite - Providing Some Inside Information

The InSite system allows club owners to essentially read the fitness machines. This computer program is capable of sending alerts and other pieces of data to the management of fitness institutions. The program works wirelessly, so clubs don't have to deal with the extra hassle of wiring for new equipment. Most fitness club executives have a bit of trouble managing fitness equipment operations. As a result, programs like InSite that can help are always welcome. Most major club chains that use InSite, including Gold's Gym and Bally Total Fitness, have suggested that they get serious results from the software, or they would not be using it.

More than just helping individual club branches, InSite can give club chains the ability to gather data on a national level. No matter how many chains the club has, InSite can help club management make decisions about how frequently the equipment is used, the locations where it is used most frequently, and how reliable it is. As a result, club owners can use this information to guide their decisions about future equipment purchases.

InSite was launched on a multi-club level in 2004. Precor intends to continually expand the program to smaller clubs. Through InSite, Precor is helping fitness facilities run their business in better ways than they have ever been able to do.

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