iFIT Ellipticals - Personal Trainer Technology In Your Machine

iFIT is technology that allows you to download workout programs using your compatible home elliptical and an internet connection or an iFIT cd. iFIT ellipticals can put you on the path to your exercise goals, whether you're a tri-athlete or you want weight loss, with a new iFIT workout program every day for your elliptical.

It's like having your own virtual personal trainer in your elliptical machine. It essentially combines a personal trainer and a club workout in the convenience of your home machine. Not only do you access to a new iFIT workout program each day, you also get an elliptical health and fitness calendar with iFIT nutrition tips and access to a live elliptical iFIT personal trainer for video web conferences.

iFIT -Elliptical CDs

While some iFIT workouts are stored in your elliptical, you can also get companion video and music cds to help keep you motivated. These can help you get pumped and get the most out of every workout you tackle.

The iFIT compact disc changes the resistance and incline of your elliptical, offers great music, and personal trainer advice for your elliptical. You get thirty minutes of music, motivation, and elliptical exercise with a maximum resistance and a maximum incline depending on the iFIT level you choose. There are three iFIT workout levels to choose from.

Level one iFIT includes titles like "Weight Loss Interactive with World Beat Music," and a rock music version with Pete as your instructor. Level two iFIT options include body tone and pyramid workouts. Level three iFIT offers interval and peak performance workouts.

Many different elliptical brands come with iFIT compatibility. Nordic Track ellipticals and Proform ellipticals are two of the largest brands. Not only can you get ellipticals with iFIT, you can also get treadmills and stationary cycles with the iFIT technology. It is now possible to build an entire home gym of equipment that is iFIT compatible.

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