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Elliptical fitness machines are increasingly popular among home exercise equipment purchasers. An elliptical fitness machine makes use of an oval shaped movement that is similar to walking or jogging. An elliptical works when you rest your feet on the footpads of the machine and begin "walking." These footpads are soft and cushioned.

Your feet will never leave the surface of the elliptical footpads, which means your joints will never feel an impact as they do with traditional walking and running exercises. As a result, people who have sore joints will find this exercise fun, enjoyable, and pain free. Some trainers even have moving handgrips, which results in an excellent upper body workout while using your elliptical.

Part of the popularity of ellipticals is due to the fact that they give you a tougher workout with less pain and less stress on your body. Ellipticals help you get your heart rate up faster, which means you keep it there longer. As a result, thirty minutes of exercise with an elliptical is far more exercise than you might get with a non-elliptical machine.

Smooth EVO XCITE - A Great Elliptical

This elliptical model is one of the best on the market. It has adjustable foot pedals for your comfort. The machine also offers a fantanstic heart rate monitoring system build into the moving handgrip, which is a nice feature most machines do not offer. Moreover, this elliptical has a two-stage eddy current drive system for the smoothest ride available. This machine also features an LED console that is programmable. The machine's frame is durable and has a good warranty, even for light commercial use.

You can find your Smooth EXCITE elliptical at an online retailer just clicks away.

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