Elliptical Exercisers - Cut The Fat, Fit In Your Clothes

One of the best new ways to lose weight is through elliptical exercisers. One of the primary reasons people want to lose weight is to fit into a different clothing size. Women want to lose a few dress sizes. Men would like to find themselves choosing pants from a section other than the one labeled "Husky." Getting into those new clothes, though, is a long road.

Ellipticals - How They Work

If you are new to the world of elliptical exercisers, elliptical means to be shaped like an oval. Elliptical exercisers make use of this term because the movement you will experience on one is an oval shaped version of walking or running. The movement is both smooth and fun.

A exerciser begins to work when you stand on cushioned foot pads. After that, you grab onto the elliptical handles. These handles might even have a movement function if you have purchased an elliptical model that offers an upper body workout feature. Once you're ready to go, you begin to walk or jog, keeping your feet on the elliptical footpads at all times.

This is part of the genius of an elliptical. You get a wonderful workout while experiencing no joint impact. Even though you are standing on your feet, they never leave the surface of the elliptical. This means your joints will not feel the repeated impact they might with traditional walking or running. This can be good news to people who are already experiencing joint pain from being overweight.

Serious Weight Loss Benefits With An Elliptical

A great benefit to using an elliptical trainer is that you reach your target heart rate faster than you do with other exercise equipment. This means you will be in the calorie-burning zone for more of your workout than you might with other non-elliptical equipment. That means less total time working out with the elliptical that's right for you.

Another benefit of an elliptical machine is the total body workout you get. Many ellipticals come with an upper body workout function, as well as the ability to use the elliptical in forward or reverse. This means you can tone all of your muscles, even those hard to reach spots like the calves or thighs. This also means you will burn double the calories with this type of elliptical.

Go ahead, buy those new clothes when you order your elliptical online. You won't be disappointed when you can wear them in a few weeks after using your elliptical.

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