Elliptical Exercise Machines - A Few Warm-Up Tips

Elliptical exercise machines are growing in popularity. The low impact high results workout an elliptical exercise machine provides offers phenomenal results for most people. As a result, people are recommending the great workout they get with all of their friends.

If you're new to the world of ellipticals, literally defined, the term "elliptical" means shaped like an oval. An elliptical has an oval movement that is a lot like walking or running. The trainer works when you stand on footpads. These are usually cushioned. As you stand, you hold the elliptical's handgrips that may or may not move as well, depending upon whether or not the elliptical you are using has an upper body workout feature. Then you start moving on the elliptical as if you're going for a walk or a jog.

This kind of exercise machine provides the perfect workout in a low impact environment. Even though you are standing on your feet, they never leave the surface of the elliptical footpads. As a result, your joints never experience the impact they might in another non-elliptical exercise situation.

Before Your Elliptical Workout - A Few Tips

Before you hop on your elliptical, there are a couple warm up tips you should consider. First, try a few minutes of a quick warm up exercise like jogging in place or jumping rope next to your elliptical. Then take a moment to lightly stretch your muscles before your exercise session. Main muscle groups you should stretch before using the elliptical machine are your legs, shoulders and arms.

Stretching muscles too hard before a large workout (or when your muscles are cold) can be dangerous. It can cause the muscle fibers to tear during your stretching exercise. When you get ready to stretch for your warm-up, do not stretch until pain is felt. You only want to stretch until you can feel light tension. Each stretching exercise should last about fifteen seconds and should be done anywhere from five to fifteen minutes in length.

When you are done with your workout, it is best to engage in a complete stretching routine. This will help your muscles remain flexible as well as promote quick recovery. Incorporating these tips prior to working out can reduce the risk of injury to your body keeping you safe limber and ready to get the most out of your elliptical workout.

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